Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bunch of Betty's Podcast #15: "Worshiping Venus" Mix!

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This week's selection includes FREE AND LEGAL tracks by (mostly) female artists featured in the new Spring issue of VENUS magazine! It's one of my favorites - and, like this site, features lovely ladies of all musical genres. It is available at most larger bookstores - got mine at Borders. The magazine also features lots of great articles on DIY fashion, crafts, cooking, film, books and more.
Find info on subscriptions, as well as some great articles for free on their website:

  • Because all artists on this podcast are featured in the magazine, I will not be featuring any artists this week...Future artists to feature are : Paula Toledo, Lola Spinner, Lisa Cerbone and Jed and Lucia!


    1. (00:03)
  • Ooh La La (Later With Jools Holland 21-10-2005) by Goldfrapp
  • EXPIRED (source: Mr. Red Penguin's MP3 Heaven)
    2. (3:57)
  • Fraud in the 80's by Mates of State
  • (source: barsuk records)
    3. (7:48)
  • The Drugs by Suffrajett
  • (source:
    4. (10:25)
  • Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip
  • (source:
    5. (14:38)
  • Rock 'n Roll Queen by The Subways
  • LEGAL? (source: Mocking Music)
  • Confection by Mommy and Daddy
  • (source:
    7. (20:51)
  • Rad by Smoosh
  • EXPIRED (source: Gorilla vs. Bear)
    8. (22:38)
  • Another Sunny Day by Belle and Sebastian
  • (source:
    9. (26:34)
  • Sukkafish by The Grates
  • CURRENTLY INACCESSIBLE (source: myspace)
    10. (29:59)
  • Don Julio by Cordero
  • (source: My Old Kentucky Blog)
    11. (33:51)
  • Black & White by Garrison Starr
  • (source: songs:illinois)
    12. (36:15)
  • Star Witness by Neko Case
  • (source:
    13. (41:12)
  • Just One Breath by Devics
  • EXPIRED (source: Fingertips)
    14. (44:47)
  • Come, Sing Me A Song by Sing Sing
  • MUST SIGN UP TO GET IT FREE(source: popmatters)
    15. (48:08)
  • Miss You by The Concretes
  • FOLLOW LINK (source: Villains Always Blink)
    16. (51:55)
  • Teenage Winter by Saint Etienne
  • EXPIRED (source: angels twenty)
    17. (57:54)
  • The False Husband by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
  • (source: My Old Kentucky Blog)


    Blogger Bruno said...

    Glad to see you're at it again! :)

    7:22 AM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    Thanks Bruno...I am also now listed on iTunes - wouldn't take my feed before...and my new podcasts will be at a higher bitrate - figured that out as well...keep listening! :)

    7:34 AM  

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