Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bunch of Betty's Podcast #10: Betty's "Falling Leaves When Leaving Falls" Songs

Listen to Podcast #10: Betty's "Falling Leaves When Leaving Falls" Songs
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Enjoy this melancholy mix of heartfelt tunes recalling love lost and leaving.
Sorry, next program will be a bit cheerier!

  • LINK to this podcast's featured artist: ROSE POLENZANI


    1. (00:00)
  • The Falling Kind by Veda
  • (source: second nature recordings)
    2. (3:28)
  • Autumn (live) by Karyn Ellis
  • (source:
    3. (6:29)
  • November by Azure Ray
  • (source: tonspion)
    4. (10:53)
  • Where Friend Rhymes With End by Ane Brun
  • EXPIRED (source: womenfolk)
    5. (14:02)
  • Tomorrow on The Runway by The Innocence Mission
  • (source:
  • Fell by Rose Polenzani
  • (source:
    7. (22:04)
  • Love Gone Wrong by Lauren Hoffman
  • (
    8. (26:08)
  • I Alone by Anouk featuring Sarah Bettens (live cover)
  • EXPIRED (source: womenfolk)
    9. (29:30)
  • It Hurt So Bad by Susan Tedeschi
  • (source:
    10. (34:10)
  • Gravity by Jan Krist
  • (source:
    11. (36:46)
  • Red Rover by Rosie Thomas
  • (source: sxsw 2004)
    12. (39:54)
  • Sweetwater by Tres Chicas
  • (source:
    13. (43:48)
  • Goin' Gone by Nanci Griffith
  • (source:
    14. (48:07)
  • You're Missing by Cowboy Junkies (inspired by Springsteen)
  • (source: kofi's hat)
    15. (52:05)
  • Long Gone by Victoria George
  • EXPIRED (source: womenfolk)
    16. (56:25)
  • Shoreline by Anna Ternheim
  • EXPIRED (source: sonicx)
    17. (1:01:22)
  • No One to Love by Judith Edelman (Stephen Foster cover)
  • EXPIRED (source: keep the coffee coming)
    18. (1:05:04)
  • Blower's Daughter (live) by Damien Rice
  • EXPIRED (source: revolution in the head)


    Blogger Bruno said...

    Another great mix,lots of music I didn't know of,keep up the good work!How about giving some comments on the music inbetween songs? Just a suggestion... :)
    All the best,Bruno.

    9:08 AM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    Bruno...thanks for the suggestion...I was thinking of trying just that on the next program...I'm just shy, i guess...

    I hesitate to speak on the "thematic" mixes, but may try some "dj-ing" from time to time. let me know what you think when i do! :) thanks, bruno

    3:47 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Betty,
    This is Dennis, a new listener, and a fan of your comprehensive knowledge/collection and the way you put tunes together (emotional collage).
    As for spoken word, or voice over, narration, DJ'ing... whatever you call it. It is like being a juggling ventriloquist to meet with the mood and modulation of the music (mmmmm) and the two ways of doing it are: Off the cuff (almost always sounds bad unless its punk or garage rock or surf (ie:casual music) you're spinning. OR professional. Like a real DJ does, like back in the days of radio. Jonathan Schwartz still does it, and does it well, since he's both a long-tme pro disc jockey, and a writer as well. He used to write the intros and outro's which, over time, grew more and more important to him, until he finally started writing for real.
    I'm not saying you couldn't do it. I'm just saying it's both juggling (more stuff to do) and ventriloquism (carrying on simultaneous musical/voice moods and meanings).
    So be warned, unless you don't care, you will find it quite difficult.
    And besides, you've proven you have great taste and excellent emotional dexterity in just putting these sets together.

    BY THE WAY, if that's the Bruno I think it his, he's a Euro smoothie that has wonderful taste in music too. You two are made for each other. You should meet in Montreal and have a torrid affair... MIX.

    12:54 PM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    Thanks, Dennis...

    I prefer letting the music "speak" for itself, and love your phrase "emotional collage".

    I'm not sure what to do regarding the voice-overs...All the comments I've received from listeners are pro-voice...hmmm...I guess I should "beef-up" on the spoken word...but, you're requires time and talent - I AM a librarian after all. :)

    Oh yeah...I bet that is the same Bruno...and what makes you think we HAVEN'T already been there, done that?! ;)

    2:51 PM  

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