Friday, November 24, 2006

Bunch of Bettys Podcast #21 - Betty's "The Wind Carries All Things Lost" Refrains

Listen to Podcast #21: Betty's "The Wind Carries All Things Lost" Refrains.
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This time of year, with holidays and darker days approaching, I always get nostalgic and introverted. This year the sorrow is not as present - for all things loved, lingering and lost - but the moodiness and memories never really depart. I've learned after, that I wouldn't want to give up the hollows of pain because there would be no place for joy to gather.
Settle down with the following emotional chronicles of the longing-for and the letting-free...

PLAYLIST: (Most tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own!)
1. (00:15) My Lover Will Go by Ane Brun (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!2. (4:46) Trying to Love You by Beth Nielson Chapman (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!3. (8:14) I Feel Like a Fading Light by Kim Taylor (source: myspace)
BUY IT HERE!4. (11:16) I Will Internalize by Martha Wainwright (source: 3hive)
BUY IT HERE!5. (14:34) Lookin' Forward by Over The Rhine (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!6. (17:40) Close My Eyes by Shivaree (source: Salon Audiofile)
BUY IT HERE!7. (20:57) Fingerprints by Maggie Walters (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!8. (25:46) How Shall I Love Thee? by Rose Polanzani (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!9. (29:15) Sweetwater by Tres Chicas (source:
BUY IT HERE!10. (33:10) Johnny Cash by Kelly McRae (source: songs:illinois)
BUY IT HERE!11. (36:30) Beautiful Dawn by The Wailin' Jennys (source: SXSW)
BUY IT HERE!12. (39:36) Come Up by Devics (source: BetterPropaganda) FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD.
BUY IT HERE!13. (43:26) Breathe Me by Sia (source: SXSW)


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