Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bunch of Betty's Podcast #9: Betty's "Guitar Girls!!"

Listen to Podcast #9: Betty's "Guitar Girls!"
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I blame my's ALL HER FAULT!

I am so sure i would be touring the world, would have won at least two grammys and have legions of "cute boy" groupies to wait on me IF...she would've just let me play guitar!!

I was always fascinated by the instrument...had my uncle's old cast-off acoustic guitar to drag around...singing "jolene" at the top of my voice! You'd think that would've convinced her i was a shoe-in for a country western singer...but, no...she insisted on the piano. Which is a beautiful instrument, don't get me wrong! But, as a kid, i envisioned myself as a radical rocker like pat benatar or a sensitive balladeer like emmylou. Keep in mind this was pre-tori and I had never heard of laura nyro...she might've changed my mind.

Mom had always wanted to play she projected. No one could see a kick-ass pair of red cowboy boots under that big box...and i couldn't moonwalk across the stage with a friggin' piano. But mom thought it was too masculine of an instrument. I must be a lady...well, mom, nice try.

I gave up on piano after a couple of frustrating years...and, again, in junior high had the opportunity to learn another instrument. I was hopeful yet again. Arghhh, maaa-uuum...the clarinet??? I was destined for a geeky mother ruined my career as a rock goddess.

That's ok...i am fulfilled as a library rock star...and have my own "book groupies", as sad as that sounds. I can also keep library books out for a month at a time and no one can do a THING! See...I'm a born rebel!

If only I could play the guitar...ani would have a run for her money!

Enjoy this mix of women whose mothers weren't totally square!! So, mom...this podcast's for you! :)

  • LINK to this podcast's featured artist: ANAIS MITCHELL


    1. (00:00)
  • All I Need by Over The Rhine
  • (source:
    2. (4:41)
  • I Fought the Angels by The Delgados
  • (source: chemikal underground records)
    3. (6:45)
  • How It Is by Holly Figueroa
  • (source: fm)
    4. (10:09)
  • Raven's Wings by Amy Martin
  • (source: garageband)
    5. (13:57)
  • Sometimes by Abigail Washburn
  • (source: nettwerk)
  • The Jewel of Abilene by Grey de Lisle
  • (source: insound)
    7. (18:57)
  • Rosemary Moore by Caitlin Cary
  • (
    8. (24:01)
  • She Really Wants You (live) by Aimee Mann
  • (source:
    9. (27:13)
  • Easy To Be Around by Diane Cluck
  • (source: sixeyes)
    10. (30:43)
  • Warmer Place to Hide by Rai
  • (source:
    11. (34:00)
  • Butterfly by Emma Bender
  • (source: soundclick)
    12. (37:20)
  • Fools in Love by Inara George
  • (source: cool hand bak)
    13. (41:51)
  • Sparkle and Fade by Krystal Warren
  • (source:
    14. (44:06)
  • Quelqu'un M'a Dit by Carla Bruni
    15. (46:44)
  • Gatekeeper by Feist
    16. (49:00)
  • Trouble (live) by Ray Lamontagne
  • (source: blog this way)
    17. (52:47)
  • Lucky Penny by Eddi Reader
  • (source: paste music)
    18. (56:17)
  • Breathe (acoustic) by Sarah Severson
  • (source:
    19. (59:53)
  • The Song They Sang When Rome Fell by Anais Mitchell
  • (source:
    20. (1:03:00)
  • Time Falling Down by Cindy Alexander
  • (source:


    Blogger Bruno said...

    Another cool mix,maybe your mother should have got you a cool hammond organ instead of a piano!All the best Bruno.

    8:00 AM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    yeah, although i would've gone nuts over a bright red accordion! i was one weird kid!
    thanks for listening...

    3:58 PM  
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