Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bunch of Betty's Podcast #13: "Betty's Best of the Bunch 2005"

Listen to Podcast #13: Betty's "Best of the Bunch 2005"!
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This podcast features selections from some of the best cds of 2005! If you don't have these...add 'em to the Wish List!


1. (00:24)
  • Ride a White Horse by Goldfrapp from "Supernature"
  • (source: fluxblog)
    2. (4:40)
  • Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron from "The Witching Hour"
  • (source: MP3 4 U)
    3. (8:54)
  • Poster of a Girl by Metric from "Live It Out"
  • (source: salon audiofile)
    4. (13:30)
  • Galaxies from Laura Veirs from "Year of Meteors"
  • (source: music for robots)
    5. (16:55)
  • Pissing by Low from "The Great Destroyer"
  • I can't find anymore!
  • Hombre by M.I.A. from "Arular"
  • EXPIRED (source: said the gramophone)
    7. (24:40)
  • Lighten Up by Morcheeba from "Antidote"
  • (
    8. (29:26)
  • Use It by The New Pornographers from "Twin Cinema"
  • (source: matador records)
    9. (32:46)
  • Dance Me In by Sons and Daughters from "The Repulsion Box"
  • (source: rocknroll star)
    10. (35:24)
  • Jumpers by Sleater-Kinney from "The Woods"
  • (source: subpop)
    11. (39:39)
  • War on Sound by Moonbabies from "War on Sound"
  • (source: swedesplease)
    12. (43:14)
  • The Engine Driver by The Decemberists from "Picaresque"
  • (source: amazon)
    13. (47:24)
  • Drummer Boy by Scout Niblett from "Kidnapped by Neptune"
  • (source: insound)
    14. (51:45)
  • Noah's Ark by CocoRosie from "Noah's Ark"
  • (source:
    15. (55:47)
  • Get on With Your Life by Stina Nordenstam from "The World is Saved"
  • (source: swedesplease)
    16. (1:00:32)
  • Far Away by Martha Wainwright from "Martha Wainwright"
  • EXPIRED(source: indie for dummies)
    17. (1:03:20)
  • Speak Easy by Maria Taylor from "11:11"
  • (source: amazon)
    18. (1:06:45)
  • Gatekeeper by Feist from "Let It Die"
  • (source: somedepression)
    19. (1:08:55)
  • The Frozen World by Emilie Simon from "La Marche de L'Empereur"
  • (source: aurgasm)
    20. (1:12:57)
  • Apocalypso by Mew from "And The Glass Handed Kites"
  • EXPIRED(source: jamie's runout groove)


    Blogger Bruno said...

    Wowie zowie great sounds!Merry Christmas Betty! :)

    3:22 AM  
    Blogger Soaney said...

    Having just "discovered" your podcast the other day, I have to say I'm already a fan. I still catching up with the older prodcasts but it hearing artists I might otherwise have missed (and even hearing ones that I didn't think anyone else listened to) has been a thrill. Thank you!

    9:01 AM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...

    Thanks, Bruno...and Welcome Soaney. I'm glad I've been "discovered"! Lots of GREAT music here, I must say.

    9:21 AM  
    Blogger Bruno said...

    Happy new year betty!Having a holiday in the sun? :)

    7:00 AM  
    Anonymous queenkv said...

    i love this playlist! i'm so impressed with your artist/song links...and how your detail the source of your music. Brava!

    happy belated new years!

    10:44 PM  
    Blogger Bruno said...

    Betty?I'm getting worried here...

    10:01 AM  
    Anonymous Mat said...


    Just passing by to say I just stumbled onto your blog and I feel like I'll discover a lot of new artists through your podcast. Seeing your "best of '05" list makes me think we share some of the same taste in female artists (Metric, Morcheeba, Sons & Daughters, Maria Taylor, Feist, and Emilie "I've listened to her albums a zillion times" Simon).
    I'm usually reluctant to podcasts, mainly because of the unnecessary talking. Looks like I've come to the right place =)

    The only thing that I've been disappointed in is the quality of the mp3 podcast. 32Kb is not enough to appreciate music... I'd suggest at least 92K, altho I can imagine bandwidth has something to do with the low bitrate.

    Anyway, I just dropped by to tell you you have a new listener from Paris. And happy belated holidays to you too :D


    PS: please excuse my...english.

    5:53 PM  
    Blogger "Betty" said...


    bruno...i appreciate the concern - i'm ok... :)

    mat...i am so glad i have another listener from paris...emilie is amazing isn't she? i thought that i was sending out at 96k...i'm not very technical, arghh...i'll attempt a better bit rate this weekend...thank for listening and for the suggestion! cheers

    6:25 PM  

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