Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bunch of Bettys Podcast #22 - Betty's "High Energy Winter Warm-Up Mix"

Listen to Podcast #22: Betty's "High Energy Winter Warm-Up Mix"! Like what you hear?? Subscribe HERE!

Bunch of Bettys #22: Betty's "High Energy Winter Warm-Up Mix"! (RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ENTIRE PODCAST)

I hope you all are warm and cozy this chilly time of year. St. Louis is thawing out and I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with this offering of some songs with spice by some women singers with muscle. Most songs are from 2006 releases. Let me know how you like them and see the below links to SUPPORT the artist by BUYING THE CD!

PLAYLIST: (Most tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own!)
1. (00:11) Well Thought Out Twinkles by Silversun Pickups (source: BUY IT HERE!
2. (3:40) Cuts across the Land by The Duke Spirit (source: 3hive) BUY IT HERE!
3. (6:46) Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by K.T. Tunstall (source: SXSW) BUY IT HERE!
4. (9:29) Walking with the Ghost by Tegan & Sara (source: SXSW) BUY IT HERE!
5. (11:56) Driver Education by Amy Ray (source: FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD BUY IT HERE!
6. (14:14) Lucille by She Keeps Bees (source: homepage) BUY IT HERE!
7. (15:49) Tell Him by Stephanie McKay (source: SXSW) BUY IT HERE!
8. (19:26) Decider by The Prototypes (source: betterPropaganda via Fingertips) FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD BUY IT HERE!
9. (23:24) Fake French by LeTigre (source: BUY IT HERE!
10. (26:45) Pile of Gold by The Blow (source: stereogum) BUY IT HERE!
11. (28:57) Come Sing Me a Song by Sing-Sing (source: FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD BUY IT HERE!
12. (32:19) Think Long by Mates of State (source: FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD BUY IT HERE!
13. (36:56) When Planets Collide by Viva Voce (source: Salon) BUY IT HERE!
14. (40:30) Nth Degree by Morningwood (source: SXSW) BUY IT HERE!
15. (44:16) Kevin is Gay by Giant Drag (source: betterPropaganda) FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD BUY IT HERE!
16. (47:01) TV by Headlights (source: Sixeyes) BUY IT HERE!
17. (40:32) Into the Open by Heartless Bastards (source: Fingertips) BUY IT HERE!


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