Wednesday, March 08, 2006

*reposted and remastered* Bunch of Betty's Podcast #3: "Betty's Buggy Beat Mix"

Listen to Podcast #3: Betty's Buggy Beat Mix (Originally Posted 10/1/05)
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Bunch of Bettys #3 REMASTERED: Buggy Beat Mix!


Hello again! Thanks for your interest in the podcast and for visiting my blog.

This week's program is a high-energy groove-driven carnival ride of a music mix! There are some great tunes featured in this podcast and a couple really exceptional cuts by some pretty obscure international bands. It just amazes me how much high quality, original music there is out in the world..and the internet really makes it easy to explore globally. I am constantly coming across some new band or artist hidden way below the mainstream...or I should say above, shouldn't I? The music on my local radio is hideous!! So much of it sounds the same and is really pitiful...I have discovered some great podcasts, though...and there are some impressive web radio shows and satellite radio stations that I am just now perhaps the medium is not quite as stagnant as I thought.

This program, as I mentioned above, really showcases some heavier, groovier tracks than I've played in my previous podcasts. For some reason, I find myself usually playing introspective, depressing stuff...some days I just have to make myself put on some brain-less pop and jump around with a hairbrush to cheer myself up! The tracks on this program are anything but brainless...lyrically and melodically speaking, most are quite intelligent in spite of being a catalyst for some very unsophisticated "head-banging"...

Please leave comments or suggestions on the site...I would love to hear from you! According to feedburner stats, my listener numbers are better than I anticipated for a brand new show...I hope that means I'm not wasting my time in getting the "sound out" for some great musicians! Please remember that I make the effort to find legal, creative commons tracks to respect those hard-working artists. Enjoy...and please KEEP LISTENING!

PLAYLIST: (Some tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own! Because the original airing was over a year ago, many tracks are no longer legally available.)
1. Cosmos (Outer Space) by t.A.t.u. EXPIRED
(source: stylus magazine) BUY IT HERE!
2. Zerospace by Kidney Thieves
(source: homepage) BUY IT HERE!

3. Weekend by Curve NO LONGER AVAILABLE
(source: official homepage)
4. Ride A White Horse by Goldfrapp Follow link to STREAM
(source: music cherry) legal??? BUY IT HERE!
7. Gira by Vanessinha & Alessandra (w/ Senor Coconut) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
(source: fluxblog) BUY IT HERE!
8. Sweet Religion (bulletproof remix) by Imogen Heap NO LONGER AVAILABLE
(source: official homepage) BUY IT HERE!
15. Commodore Rock by Ladytron MUST LOG IN TO DOWNLOAD
(source: amazon) BUY IT HERE!
16. Lucky Lipstick by SurfeRosa NO LONGER AVAILABLE
(source: itunes freebie) BUY IT HERE!


Blogger unknown said...

some great stuff in here betty - wonderful to see cranes! and curve! will be visiting again, that's for sure....

3:32 PM  
Anonymous andy Verol said...

Collage numérique simpliste VIII: PEndant les partouzes, je détruis mes organes internes
La suite sur:

10:58 AM  
Blogger Mat said...

Hey Betty-

Thanks for remastering your old podcasts. It makes the experience much better =)

I found myself fast-forwarding through half of this show, mainly because I'm not into remixes or some of the artists featured here...
Kudos for the Dolls song, tho. Perfect taste.

take care-

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice stuf you have here. kudos and more podcasting hours to come. you make "nice girls" sing and sway!!

10:43 PM  

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