Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bunch of Bettys Podcast #32- Betty's "Midsummer Night's Electric Dream Mix"!

Listen to Podcast #32- Betty's "Midsummer Night's ELECTRIC Dream Mix"! Like what you hear?? Subscribe HERE!

Bunch of Bettys Podcast #31- Betty's "Midsummer Night's ELECTRIC Dream Mix"!

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Program number thirty-two features some great ELECTRIC, ETHEREAL and ENCHANTING tunes! Some trance, rock, dance and pop from women artists all over the world! I have featured a few of the tracks on past podcasts, but wanted to expose you to them again. They are from CDs that I adore...and I can never get enough from artists like Lisa Papineau, Brazilian Girls, Tracey Thorn, Gliss and more... Enjoy them yourself! And have a great Midsummer Night with these Electric Songs of your Dreams! :)

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PLAYLIST: (Most tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own!)

1. (00:11) Broadcast to the Addicted by Drake's Hotel (Source: Reverb Records) BUY IT HERE!

2. (03:41) Drive by Client FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source:

3. (07:32) Fruit is Sweet by Gabby Glaser FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: BUY IT HERE!

4. (12:27) Shucking, Jiving by Lisa Papineau FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source:Better Propaganda) BUY IT HERE!

5. (15:59) Sometimes by Siobhan Donaghy NO LONGER AVAILABLE...FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD GHOSTS (Source:??? Can't Find) BUY IT HERE!

6. (19:11) Jique by Brazilian Girls FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: Better Propaganda) BUY IT HERE!

7. (23:24) Je Ne Te Connais Pas by Prototypes NO LONGER AVAILABLE...FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD DECIDER (Source: Minty Fresh Records) BUY IT HERE!

8. (26:20) Slack Time by Judith Juillerat (Source: ShitKatapult via TonSpion) BUY IT HERE!

9. (29:37) Love is Something by Mozella TRACK IS PROMO ONLY (Source: MOG) BUY IT HERE!

10. (32:56) Raise the Roof by Tracey Thorn SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST AND GET FREE DOWNLOAD (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

11. (36:41) Beach Party by Air France (Source: Pitchfork) BUY IT HERE!

12. (39:13) Souvenirs by Midnight Movies (Source:Insound) BUY IT HERE!

14. (49:34) Stranger in You by Lullacry (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

15. (53:10) Kissing the Blvd by Gliss (Source: Spin) BUY IT HERE!
16. (56:46) Pile of Gold by The Blow (Source: Prefix Magazine) BUY IT HERE!

17. (58:54) Afterburner by Like a Tim (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

18. (59:29) Caroline's a Victim Tapedeck Revised Mix by Kate Nash SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST AND GET FREE DOWNLOAD (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

19. (01:02:21) Sugar by Ladytron FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: BUY IT HERE!
20. (01:05:01) Happy Warriors by Jill Cunniff NO LONGER AVAILABLE...FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD LAZY GIRLS (Source:???) BUY IT HERE!


Anonymous selfxevident said...

amazing, simply put amazing.

thank you. please don't stop.

12:46 PM  
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