Friday, August 03, 2007

Bunch of Bettys Podcast #33- Betty's "Dark Tales on Desert Roads Mix"!

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Program number thirty-three features a mix of creepy musical tales of murder, lost love, heartache and mystery. This should serve as the perfect soundtrack for a midnight desert drive...shadows looming in jagged shapes, crows flocking in a distant tree. Listen and be transported to another time, even...a ghost town with scorned lovers, murdering drifters and spectres of a dusty, shadowed time. Let your mind drift...with the stories and sounds.

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PLAYLIST: (Most tracks are available as LEGAL DOWNLOADS...right-click the song title to get it for your very own!)

1.(00:59) Bloodlines by Orenda Fink FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: Better Propaganda) BUY IT HERE!

3.(7:26) Maros Vize Folyik Csendesen by Danubius (Source: Motel de Moka) BUY IT HERE!

4.(9:26) Lone Highway by The Phantods (Source: Merit Badge Records) BUY IT HERE!

5.(14:31) Sawed Edge Grass by Alina Simone FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: MySpace) BUY IT HERE!

6.(16:45) Lonesome Place by Rykarda Parasol (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

9.(26:41) Possum of the Grotto by Rasputina FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: Better Propaganda) BUY IT HERE!

10.(29:31) Comin' Up from Behind by Two Ton Boa (Source: Kill Rock Stars) BUY IT HERE!

11.(32:54) Home Again by Haale FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: BUY IT HERE!

12.(36:20) Black Cadillac by Rosanne Cash (Source: SXSW 2006) BUY IT HERE!

13.(39:55) Fear No More by LoneLady FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: MySpace) BUY IT HERE!

14.(44:38) Bushes and Briars by Caroline Lavelle TRACK NOT RELEASED (Source: Homepage) BUY HER NEWEST RELEASE HERE!

15.(46:09) Tomorrow Night by Shelley Short (Source: Homepage) BUY IT HERE!

16.(48:18) Black Rooster by The Kills FOLLOW LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Source: Dim Mak) BUY IT HERE!

17.(52:37) The Rifle by Alela Diane (Source: Holoscene Music) BUY IT HERE!

18.(55:01) Black Water Side by Cara Luft (Source: SXSW 2007) BUY IT HERE!

19.(58:33) Before This Time by Ollabelle (Source: SXSW 2006) BUY IT HERE!


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